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On-Line Education Offered by Damrivi Foundation

Diploma in Buddhist Studies and Diploma in English through Buddhism

These Courses have been designed by Damrivi with the participation of eminent Buddhist academics and Linguists in the Country. The Diploma in Buddhist Studies aims at presenting Buddhism as 'an experience in Theravada Buddhism' to local and foreign students. The Course which is presented by a group of experts from within the Theravada System lead by Prof. Asanga Tilakaratne, Professor of Buddhist Studies of the University of Colombo aims at providing the fundamental teachings with a practical orientation and with cultural inputs. The Course which will be conducted in English over two years gives the opportunity for busy professionals to follow a reliable course on Buddhist Studies from home and at their convenience.

The Diploma in English through Buddhism aims at building English Language skills both written and spoken as a life skill and simultaneously to inculcate Buddhist values and insights. The Course is primarily for developing Language skills. However in delivering the Programme, fundamentals of the Theravada Buddhist teachings will be used as the background material with a view to inculcating Buddhist values and insights. Both Courses will be offered over a period of two years.

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